True Fiction

Original name: Murder Novel | 살인소설

Director: Kim Jin-Mook

Release: April 25, 2018

Runtime: 102 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Thriller


Ji Hyun-Woo
as Kim Soon-Tae
Oh Man-Seok
as Lee Kyung-Seok
Lee Na-Ra
as Lee Ji-Young
Kim Hak-Cheol
as Yeom Jung-Gil
Jo Eun-Ji
as Yeom Ji-Eun


Kyung-Seok (Oh Man-Seok) is nominated as the mayoral candidate by the incumbent party. He is enjoying the best moment of his life. Kyung-Seok visits a villa to hide his father-in-law's secret fund. There, he meets Soon-Tae (Ji Hyun-Woo) and Kyung-Seok gets involved in a shocking incident.