The Whispering

Original name: 속닥속닥

Director: Choi Sang-Hun

Release: July 13, 2018

Runtime: 91 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Thriller


So Joo-Yeon
as Yeo Eun-Ha
Kim Min-Kyu
as Kang Min-Woo
Choi Hee-Jin
as Choi Jung-Yoon


After the death of her best friend, Yeo Eun-Ha (So Joo-Yeon) has been haunted by nightmares. Because of this, she gets a low score on her college entrance exam and becomes even more stressed out. Yeo Eun-Ha and five of her classmates decided to take a road trip out to the beach, including popular student Kang Min-Woo (Kim Min-Kyu). Joo Dong-Il (Kim Tae Min) takes his mother's van for their trip, even though he hates driving. The students soon become lost and take a wrong turn on a mountain road. They come upon an abandoned amusement park. After looking around the park and then getting kicked out by a mysterious old woman, Woo-Sung (Kim Young) gets everybody to go back and enter the haunted house. He wants to livestream themselves on social media. While walking through the haunted house, the students begin to hear whisperings.