The Vanished

Original name: Vanished Night | 사라진 밤

Director: Lee Chang-Hee

Release: March 7, 2018

Runtime: 101 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Thriller


Kim Sang-Kyung
as Woo Joong-Sik
Kim Kang-Woo
as Park Jin-Han
Kim Hee-Ae
as Yoon Seol-Hee
Han Ji-An
as Hye-Jin
Lee Ji-Hoon
as Suk-Won


The body of Yoon Seol-Hee disappears at the National Institute of Scientific Investigation. Detective Woo Joong-Sik (Kim Sang-Kyung) seeks clues on her disappearance, while her husband Park Jin-Han (Kim Kang-Woo) claims she is alive.