On Your Wedding Day

Original name: 너의 결혼식

Director: Lee Seok-Geun

Release: August 22, 2018

Runtime: 110 min

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Park Bo-Young
as Seung-Hee
Kim Young-Kwang
as Woo-Yeon
Kang Ki-Young
as Ok Geun-Nam
Ko Kyu-Pil
as Gu Kong-Ja
Jang Sung-Bum
as Choi Soo-Pyo


During the summer of his junior year in high school, Woo-Yeon (Kim Young-Kwang) spends his time getting time into fights. He isn't interested in studying. He then meets new transfer student Seung-Hee (Park Bo-Young) and falls in love with her at first sight. Seung-Hee though isn't interested in Woo-Yeon. To avoid the other male students, Seung-Hee and Woo-Yeon pretend to date. Seung-Hee also asks him to stop fighting. He keeps his promise and their relationship develops into a real romantic relationship. One day, Seung-Hee calls Woo-Yeon and tells him to take care. She then leaves town.

One year later, Woo-Yeon works at a chicken restaurant and has not gone on to a university. He happens to learn that Seung-Hee is at student at Hankook University in Seoul. Woo-Yeon studies hard and he gets accepted into the same university. Finally, Woo-Yeon meets Seung-Hee, but ....