Original name: 트랩

Director: Park Shin-Woo

Release: February 9, 2019 --

Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 22:20

Episode: 7 Episodes

Status: Complete

Country: Korea

Genre: Crime, Romance


Lee Seo-Jin
as Kang Woo-Hyun
Sung Dong-Il
as Ko Dong-Kook
Lim Hwa-Young
as Yoon Seo-Young
Seo Young-Hee
as Shin Yeon-Soo
Oh Ryong
as Hong Won-Tae


Kang Woo-Hyun (Lee Seo-Jin) is a respected anchor at a broadcasting station. He has a lovely family and he is asked to enter the political field. His life seems perfect. One day, he goes on a trip with his family and a tragic situation occurs. Meanwhile, Ko Dong-Kook (Sung Dong-Il) is a veteran detective. He takes Kang Woo-Hyun's case and investigates.

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