Top Star Yoo Baek

Original name: 톱스타 유백이

Director: Yoo Hak-Chan

Release: November 16, 2018 --

Runtime: Friday 23:00

Episode: N/A

Status: Complete

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Kim Ji-Suk
as Yoo Baek
Jeon So-Min
as Oh Kang-Soon
Lee Sang-Yeob
as Choi Ma-Dol
Ye Soo-Jung
as Kang-Soon's grandmother
Kim Hyun
as Ma-Dol's mother


Yoo Baek is a former idol group member. He is now a popular singer and actor. He doesn't try to be a good guy to attract people. Yoo Baek is self-centered and he is brutally honest to others even if it hurts them. He makes big trouble for himself and travels to a faraway island to getaway. There, he meets warm people on the island including Oh Kang-Soon. She runs a small supermarket and also dives to pick abalone and sea mustard. She is physically a very strong woman.