The Nokdu Flower

Original name: 녹두꽃 - 사람, 하늘이 되다

Director: Shin Kyung-Soo

Release: April 26, 2019 --

Runtime: Friday & Saturday 22:00

Episode: 48 Episodes

Status: Ep 09

Country: Korea

Genre: Action, Adventure, Romance


Cho Jung-Seok
as Baek Yi-Kang
Yoon Si-Yoon
as Baek Yi-Hyun
Han Ye-Ri
as Song Ja-In
Choi Moo-Sung
as Jeon Bong-Joon
Park Hyuk-Kwon
as Baek Man-Deuk


Set during the Donghak Peasant Revolution which took place from 1894-1895. Two half-brothers fight on opposite sides of this rebellion.

Baek Yi-Kang (Cho Jung-Seok) is the first son of an important family. His father is wealthy and he is notorious as a local government officer. But, Yi-Kang’s mother is from the the lowest class. Due to his mother's low social class, people look down on Baek Yi-Kang.

Song Ja-In (Han Ye-Ri) is the only daughter for the head of a large peddlers group. She is the owner of Jeonjoo Yeokak, which sells merchandise and is also an inn. She has courage, stays calm under pressure and has charisma. Song Ja-In dreams of becoming the best merchant in Joseon.

Baek Yi-Hyun (Yoon Si-Yoon) is Yi-Kang’s younger half-brother. He is smart, handsome and polite. Unlike Yi-Kang, Baek Yi-Hyun was not born out of wedlock. Yi-Hyun has everything and he treats his half-brother politely.