Shall We Fall in Love

Original name: 勇往直前恋上你

Director: N/A

Release: 2019


Episode: N/A

Status: Complete

Country: China

Genre: Romance


Jiang Yi Nan (Nichkhun) is an optimistic unemployed youth waiting for his chance to make it in the real world.

A chance encounter causes him to save the beautiful Chen Xin Yue (Li Yu Jie) from drowning and he decides to apply for the same company that she works for.

Through what Jiang Yinan believes is hard work, he becomes one of the top applicants at the company and gets the position.

However, work life isn't all it's cracked out to be. His life is made difficult by Xu Hao Yu (Wang Zi Rui), who is annoyed by his optimistic behavior unlike Hao Yu's girlfriend, Liang Ding Fei (Wang Feifei), who finds Yi Nan refreshing. Moreover, it seems Yi Nan was hired by mistake and his co-workers are conspiring to make sure he is pushed out of the company.

Can Yi Nan prove himself at work and get the girl of his dreams?