Secrets and Lies

Original name: 비밀과 거짓말

Director: Kim Jung-Ho

Release: June 25, 2018 --

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday

Episode: N/A

Status: Complete

Country: Korea

Genre: Romance


Oh Seung-A
as Shin Hwa-Kyung
Seo Hae-Won
as Han Woo-Jung
Kim Kyung-Nam
as Yoon Do-Bin
Lee Joong-Moon
as Yoon Jae-Bin
Jeon No-Min
as Shin Myung-Joon


Han Woo-Jung (Seo Hae-Won) has a bright personality. She is betrayed by her best friend Shin Hwa-Kyung (Oh Seung-A). Because of the betrayal, Han Woo-Jung's life is ruined. Han Woo-Jung keeps pursuing her dream and never loses hope.