Save Me 2

Original name: 구해줘 2

Director: Lee Kwon

Release: May 8, 2019 --

Runtime: Wednesday & Thursday 23:00

Episode: 16 Episodes

Status: Ep 06

Country: Korea

Genre: Action, Thriller, Crime


Um Tae-Goo
as Kim Min-Cheol
Cheon Ho-Jin
as Choi Kyung-Seok
as Kim Young-Sun
Kim Young-Min
as Sung Cheol-Woo
Lim Ha-Ryong
as village head


Residents in a small town fall into a state of chaos due to the presence of a false religious group.

Kim Min-Cheol (Um Tae-Goo) was once a promising judo athlete in his high school days, but, due to his personality with a strong sense of justice, he went in and out of prison. One day, he hears that his hometown of Wolchoori is designated as a an area to be submerged and residents will receive compensation. Kim Min-Cheol goes back to Wolchoori. He sees strangers in the town and feels something weird.

Choi Kyung-Seok (Cheon Ho-Jin) comes to Wolchoori. He looks like a nice man with a smile on his face. The residents don't trust him at first, but he helps them receive compensation and they begin to trust him. Choi Kyung-Seok then tries to set up a religious organization.
Kim Young-Sun (Esom) is the younger sister of Kim Min-Cheol. Her life at home is bleak. She is studying nursing and hopes to leave Wolchoori as soon as possible. Her brother Kim Min-Cheol returns home, but her life is still bleak as usual. At that time pastor Sung Cheol-Woo (Kim Young-Min) approaches her.

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