Original name: 퍼퓸

Director: Kim Sang-Hwi

Release: June 3, 2019 --

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday 22:00

Episode: N/A

Status: Ep 06

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Shin Sung-Rok
as Seo Yi-Do
Go Won-Hee
as Min Ye-Rin
Ha Jae-Suk
as Min Jae-Hee
Cha Ye-Ryun
as Han Ji-Na
Kim Min-Kyu
as Yoon Min-Seok


Min Jae-Hee is a middle aged woman. She is a housewife who has devoted her life to her family, but her family gets destroyed. Min Jae-Hee is furious at the world. Through a mysterious perfume, Min Jae-Hee's appearance suddenly changes to a beautiful young woman. She becomes a model with her new youthful appearance. Min Jae-Hee meets Seo Yi-Do (Shin Sung-Rok). He is a successful fashion designer, but a mean spirited person.

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