Love in Memory

Original name: 사랑, 기억에 머물다

Director: Hwang Kyung Sung

Release: 2018


Episode: 6 Episodes

Status: Complete

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


A traumatic event during a thunderstorm bring two people together years later.

Yoo Ha Ri (Oh Ha Young) is an aspiring actress who is waiting for her big break while working part-time at a coffee shop. She is the witness to a murder that happened during a terrible thunderstorm.

Noh Jin Woo (Go Yoon) is a young man who has the power to read people’s innermost thoughts through a powerful fMRI technology.

When Ha Ri and Jin Woo meet by accident, can he help her solve a murder mystery while also helping her to regain her memories of a past love?

“Love in Memory” is a 2018 South Korean web drama written and directed by Hwang Kyung Sung. It was followed by the sequel “Love in Time” (2018).

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