Kangnam Scandal

Original name: 강남 스캔들

Director: Yoon Ryoo-Hae

Release: November 26, 2018 - 2019

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday 08:40

Episode: 120 Episodes

Status: Complete

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Shin Go-Eun
as Eun So-Yoo
Im Yoon-Ho
as Choi Seo-Joon
Seo Do-Young
as Hong Se-Hyun
Hwang Bo-Mi
as Myung Ji-Yoon
Bang Eun-Hee
as Hong Baek-Hee


Eun So-Yoo (Shin Go-Eun) works as a stylist. She struggles to make enough money to pay for her mother's operation fee. Due to a case, Eun So-Yoo gets involved with Choi Seo-Joon (Im Yoon-Ho). He is rich and from a chaebol family. Eun So-Yoo pretends to love him for his money, but she falls truly in love with him. Choi Seo-Joon has an in incurable disease. He is more interested in playing around than working and he doesn't believe in true love.