Coffee, Please

Original name: 커피야, 부탁해

Director: Park Soo-Chul

Release: December 1, 2018 --

Runtime: Saturday & Sunday 19:40

Episode: 16 Episodes

Status: Complete

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Yong Joon-Hyung
as Im Hyun-Woo
Kim Min-Young
as Lee Seul-Bi
Chae Seo-Jin
as Oh Go-Woon
Lee Tae-Ri
as Moon Jung-Won
Gil Eun-Hye
as Kang Ye-Na


Hyun-Woo (Yong Joon-Hyung) is a webtoon writer. He is popular and handsome, but he is not nice to people. Hyun-Woo also does not believe in love. His trainee is Seul-Bi (Kim Min-Young). She is cute and chubby. Seul-Bi has had a crush on Hyun-Woo for a long time. Yet, she has never told Hyun-Woo about her feelings. One day, Seul-Bi drinks coffee and she suddenly finds herself changed into a beautiful woman. She names herself Oh Go-Woon (Chae Seo-Jin).

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