Bloody Romance

Original name: 媚者无疆

Director: Yi Jun

Release: 2018


Episode: 36 Episodes

Status: Complete

Country: China

Genre: Romance


What doesn’t break you can make you stronger.

Qi Xue (Li Yi Tong) is a beautiful 16-year-old whose life takes a horrific turn when her father sells her to a brothel. There, she undergoes unspeakable abuse that nearly breaks her spirit.

But when Qi Xue enters a mysterious new city, she is given a new identify of Wan Mei and undergoes training to become an assassin. Now able to use her beauty as a weapon, Wan Mei is no longer a victim of all the cruel people around her during the waning days of the Tang Dynasty.

As Wan Mei takes on dangerous missions that puts her life on the line, the mysterious Chang An (Qu Chu Xiao) watches over her like a shadow. But when she becomes embroiled in a deadly conspiracy, can Wan Mei survive?