A Place in the Sun

Original name: The Sun's Seasons | 태양의 계절

Director: N/A

Release: June 3, 2019 -

Runtime: Monday & Tuesday & Wednesday & Thursday & Friday 19:50

Episode: 100 Episodes

Status: Ep 11

Country: Korea

Genre: Comedy, Romance


Kim Yoo-Wol (Oh Chang-Suk) became an orphan and he was raised by foster parents. He worked extremely hard and passed his CPA exam. He enjoys happy days with his girlfriend Yoon Si-Wol (Yoon So-Yi), but he has a near-death experience. He changes his life and goes under the alias of Oh Tae-Yang. He is dead to Yoon Si-Wol.

Meanwhile Yoon Si-Wol, who believes her boyfriend Kim Yoo-Wol is dead, has a difficult time. She begins to work at conglomerate company Yangji Group. There, she meets Oh Tae-Yang.